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Managed Hosting for WordPress

I’ve been a fan of managed WordPress hosting since I started developing websites many years ago. Many people see ads for hosting that costs a couple of bucks a month and think that’s what it should cost. Unfortunately, those ultra-cheap hosting services come with slimmed down shared resources and little to no security. Because WordPress…

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Local Listing Management

Local listing management has long been on my radar. It’s only recently that I’ve found a service that I think does it right, for a reasonable price. Many services will clean up your listings, but require you to keep paying in order for their changes to remain published (how do they get away with that?),…

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gutenberg is here. are you ready?

How to Use the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

The WordPress editor is changing – for the better! In an effort to modernize and simplify the website editing experience, WordPress is undergoing some big changes. The “classic editor” that we’ve all used since the beginning of WordPress has been replaced with the “Gutenberg Editor.” This brings more of a drag and drop feel to…

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WordPress Categories for an SEO Boost

The best way to organize your content for users and SEO WordPress includes a way to organize the content of your blog in two ways: Categories – like the table of contents in a book, they can also include sub-categories of the top level category. Tags – like the index of a book. Includes topics…

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Add a Manager to Google Business Page

An optimized Google My Business Page is crucial to your business’ visibility; if you don’t know how to set it up, you may need to add a Manager to Google My Business so someone else can help you. Having a Google My Business Page is one of the most important things you can do to get…

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Technology Products I Love

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t buy anything without thoroughly researching it. It’s annoying, really. Part of being a geek is getting excited about new products available to help make my life easier. Most people hate change, I love change! Learning new ways to do my job makes it interesting, and sometimes those…

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