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Fran Eleazer, WordPress Consultant

Fran Eleazer has combined her desire to help people with her excitement about technology to please her clients for over twenty-five years in Columbia, SC. She’s developed and refined her skills over time, advancing with the trend from stand-alone computers to web-based computing through experience, study, podcasts and workshops.

Social Spark Media evolved from Fran’s love of marketing, merged with her technology skills, and has allowed her to become a trusted advisor to small businesses looking for help with their online presence.

Over the years, Fran has developed a core group of talented colleagues with complementary skills to help her customers achieve the online results they are looking for.

Our web design projects are built using WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world, it now powers 30% of the internet worldwide. (It's next closes competitor has only 3.1% usage.) Knowing that Google is constantly changing, we follow leaders in the SEO field, and continue our education so that we're confident that we're using the latest search engine optimization tools and tactics to increase your website's visibility. Our SEO services include keyword research, on-page SEO, local listing optimization, social media strategies, and email marketing.

Social Spark Media has created websites for authors, artists, small businesses, churches, non-profits and attorneys. To see some of our work, check out our Portfolio!

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