WordPress Maintenance

If you don't want to get hacked, it's not an option.

I've got news for you: Hackers don't care if you're the smallest website on the internet, or the largest, if you have online resources, they want to steal them and wreak havoc. Because hackers are usually robots, they're tireless, constant and fast. The minute a vulnerability is identified, they're using it to gain access to your site. That's why it's critical that you keep the plugins, themes and core files of your website up-to-date. If you don't have a backup, or don't notice the hack right away, you could end up advertising Viagra without your knowledge, or needing to rebuild your entire site because of the malicious code they inject.

It's the same as your phone, or your computer needing updates periodically, so does your website! If you want your WordPress website to stay healthy, secure, and perform at its peak, you've got to keep all of it's pieces and parts updated.

Social Spark Media can make sure your WordPress website stays up-to-date, optimized, and secure, and we'll be there when you've got a question.

Although our web design services use the best tools available to build your website, like your phone and your computer, WordPress needs periodic updates to keep it humming along. Some of the many WordPress maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly to keep your website running smoothly are:

  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Spam cleanup
  • Revisions cleanup
  • Database optimization
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What happens when you don't keep your WordPress site up-to-date? You open yourself up to hackers who will make a mess of your website that only a professional can clean up.

Then, there are all of those little things you just don't have time to figure out, like:

  • New user creation
  • Creating correctly sized images
  • Password changes or resets
  • Formatting blog posts
  • Installing new plugins

Our maintenance packages can also include licenses to software installed on your website, so you can take advantage of discounts we provide by maintaining the licenses.

Social Spark Media can provide these WordPress maintenance services for your business monthly, or as needed. Ask about our website maintenance packages.

Are you ready to keep your WordPress website up-to-date?

We can help!