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The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Show up in Search Results

More Important than a Website I create websites for a living and I love it, but when someone asks me what the most important thing to do to get your business to show up in search results is, my answer isn’t to create a website. Your number one priority should be to claim and complete all…

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Best Image Sizes for Social Media

Thanks to the ever changing landscape of social media, it can be confusing to figure out the best image sizes for social media posts. If you don’t use the right image size you could end up with cropping that eliminates part of your text or cuts the heads off of your subjects! Sharing an image…

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Search Engine Optimization Checklist

If you’ve struggled with getting traffic to your website using SEO suggestions from all over the web, you might have wished for a simple Search Engine Optimization Checklist to make your life easier. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short is the process of making your website more attractive to the Search Engines, like Google…

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What Size Image Do I Need for my WordPress post

What Size Image Do I Need for my WordPress Post?

People often ask, “what size image do I need for my WordPress post?” Or they post a link from their blog to Facebook, only to find that the top, bottom or sides of their image are cut off, or the image is squished. This can be a frustrating problem if you don’t know what to…

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Social Spark Media receives SC House of Representatives Commendation

Commendation from the House of Representatives

Last night I attended my first Chapin Chamber of Commerce event. The event promoted the mobile business members in the Chamber who don’t have a traditional storefront or office that they work from. I proudly received a Commendation from the House of Representatives as a small business owner and a Certificate of Appreciation from the town…

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how to get your blog shared

How to Get your Blog Shared

One of my favorite resources for web marketing tips is the RazorSocial blog by Ian Cleary. Ian worked with Canva to create this great infographic “How to get your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times.” They’ve broken down the steps you need to follow with tons of great detail. So, if you want your blog to thrive, then…

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