Managed Hosting for WordPress

I've been a fan of managed WordPress hosting since I started developing websites many years ago. Many people see ads for hosting that costs a couple of bucks a month and think that's what it should cost. Unfortunately, those ultra-cheap hosting services come with slimmed down shared resources and little to no security. Because WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it's also the most targeted by hackers. Not to worry, as long as you have premium security in place, you should be able avoid this problem. But what if you don't? And what if your server crashes? Do you have a backup? What about SSL, do they charge extra for that? What if you have a problem, can they help you? That's where the managed hosting comes in. All these things are included for one reasonable price, and I've done the math, it's less than GoDaddy after you buy all of the extras that are included with managed hosting.

Check out this video to find out more about what managed hosting can offer you, and if you're interested, get in touch! I'll get you on a great managed host, and you can rest easy, knowing your website is safe and sound.

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