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Technology Products I Love

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t buy anything without thoroughly researching it. It’s annoying, really. Part of being a geek is getting excited about new products available to help make my life easier. Most people hate change, I love change! Learning new ways to do my job makes it interesting, and sometimes those…

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The Latest in Off Page SEO

I try my best to keep up with the latest in SEO tools and techniques, and with that in mind, signed up for some free SEO webinars from iThemes and my favorite SEO Expert, Rebecca Gill from Web-Savvy-Marketing. They really have one of the best, easy to understand, SEO blogs out there. The most recent webinar discussed…

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Search Engine Optimization Checklist

If you’ve struggled with getting traffic to your website using SEO suggestions from all over the web, you might have wished for a simple Search Engine Optimization Checklist to make your life easier. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short is the process of making your website more attractive to the Search Engines, like Google…

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What Size Image Do I Need for my WordPress Post?

What Size Image Do I Need for my WordPress post

People often ask, “what size image do I need for my WordPress post?” Or they post a link from their blog to Facebook, only to find that the top, bottom or sides of their image are cut off, or the image is squished. This can be a frustrating problem if you don’t know what to…

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What’s the Difference between and

I like things simple, so I found this great infographic on that illustrates the difference between and My only disagreement with this infographic is the price for hosting a website. Make sure that whatever host you choose offers “managed” WordPress hosting.  That means that their servers are optimized for WordPress, they guarantee security…

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You Can Create Your Own Website – the Radio Ad Says So!

We’ve all heard the ads on the radio, “Create your own website for free! Easy to Customize! No coding required!” Sure, you can create your own website, but why would you want to? Do you have a secret desire to change careers? If so, then do it! Otherwise, it’s best to leave the websites to…

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Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve been collecting blog ideas in my head since I launched my business. I have so many ideas, tips, philosophies and more floating around in my brain that I want to share. Something has always gotten in the way of getting started, though. I can’t put it off any longer! Keep your eye out for my upcoming…

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