You Can Create Your Own Website – the Radio Ad Says So!

We’ve all heard the ads on the radio, “Create your own website for free! Easy to Customize! No coding required!”

Sure, you can create your own website, but why would you want to? Do you have a secret desire to change careers? If so, then do it! Otherwise, it’s best to leave the websites to people who create them every day. You probably don’t fix your own air conditioner, or install your own kitchen cabinets, because there are things these people know that you couldn’t possibly know unless you’ve done it before – and many times before. Same deal with a website. Do you know what makes a good domain name? What should you look for in a hosting company? What IS hosting?! How do you avoid getting hacked? See what I mean? Before you think about creating your own website, take a look at this infographic from, especially the part where it says 98% of amateurs fail. FAIL! That means not only did they waste all that time, money and energy trying to do it themselves, but now they have to pay someone else to clean up their mess. Get in touch, I’ll save you the trouble (or get you out of it!)

Web Design Industry Analysis: Professionals vs. Amateurs

From Visually.