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WordPress Categories for an SEO Boost

The best way to organize your content for users and SEO WordPress includes a way to organize the content of your blog in two ways: Categories – like the table of contents in a book, they can also include sub-categories of the top level category. Tags – like the index of a book. Includes topics…

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The Latest in Off Page SEO

I try my best to keep up with the latest in SEO tools and techniques, and with that in mind, signed up for some free SEO webinars from iThemes and my favorite SEO Expert, Rebecca Gill from Web-Savvy-Marketing. They really have one of the best, easy to understand, SEO blogs out there. The most recent webinar discussed…

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Show up in Search Results

More Important than a Website I create websites for a living and I love it, but when someone asks me what the most important thing to do to get your business to show up in search results is, my answer isn’t to create a website. Your number one priority should be to claim and complete all…

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Search Engine Optimization Checklist

If you’ve struggled with getting traffic to your website using SEO suggestions from all over the web, you might have wished for a simple Search Engine Optimization Checklist to make your life easier. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short is the process of making your website more attractive to the Search Engines, like Google…

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